About Snails and Things

Ever watched an aquarium snail?  God, no!  Who has time for that?

Well, if you did (and I have), you’d notice some very interesting things:

  • Like a watched pot supposedly doesn’t boil, snails appear to be dead most of the time.  Or at least not moving, which is one definition of dead.
  • If you glance at this dead snail, it will be over by the corner of the tank.  When you glance back, it’s on the underwater gargoyle 6 inches from the corner of the tank.  How far is that in snail feet?
  • The only sure way to tell if a snail really is dead, is when it floats sucker up.
  • When confronted, even the most lively of snails withdraws into its shell and plays dead.  Sometimes for days.  Refer to the previous bullet.
  • If you take up snail watching as a practice, like meditation, you can actually see the little suckers’ steady progress.  Magic!

Fascinated by the careful movement of snails and how the metaphor relates to my own response to self-work, Trail of a Snail is a place to share experiences, ideas, tips and techniques (OK, the occasional whiney session–it IS my blog) that I’m exploring to learn to recognize where I am and meet myself there with compassion, kindness and maybe even love.

If a few patterns get dissolved along the way–so much the better!

This is NOT a “how to improve” yourself because you’re inherently broken space.  Bleck!

Just relax and hang out with me as I practice simply being and noticing.  If you, too, want to befriend yourself for real and develop a lasting, meaningful relationship–we can do it together.  Or it could just be fun to watch me try (you can stay in the safety of the jeep while me and Jim go wrestle the rhinoceros).

Whatever works for you.

So here’s a safe spot to practice trusting that we’ll know the appropriate time to withdraw into our shells (sometimes fear is the appropriate response) and when to scoot across the driveway with our feelers hell bent for leather.

Cuz remember, it just looks like we’re not moving forward.  It’s ALL progress.

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