Adult Literacy Tutoring

I love teaching. I fancy I have a knack for it. So, I signed up at the Literacy Volunteers of Atlanta.  They gave me a little training and matched me with a student.

I’m so inspired by this young lady.  She has a baby, can read at about the 2nd grade level, and dropped out of school in the 8th grade.  Oh, and she’s African-American.

And she yearns to read.  Is hungry for each new vowel sound and consonant blend.

I want to fix her Life Situation.  Find her rent assistance, government services, get her a car.  Save her.

But she is saving herself already.  Must be very careful to let her do that and not interfere with her process.  Practice the ‘Prime Directive’.

I see so many pitfalls in front of her, though.

See, we are not so very different.  I dropped out of school, had a baby out of wedlock.  But, I knew how to read–and I taught myself  how to learn from books.

And that has made all the difference.

When I was 18, I spent an entire year trying to get hired at the University of Oklahoma–so I could take classes at a reduced fee.  I signed up with their temporary service and got to know the ladies at Human Resources.

They must have felt something like I feel for K.

And when I finally did get hired as a permanent employee, they must have rejoiced.  Just as I rejoice when K. gets a difficult word.  I live to see the light come on in her eyes.

So we have tutoring sessions at the library twice a week.  I like to get to the library early and plan my lesson there.

Looking forward to our session today.


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